Classic Boat Exhibits

A series of visiting Classic Boats have been on Exhibition open to the public including:

Bull Bear Peter Kellogg    Bull & Bear, replica 1860s sandbaggers     Bull & Bear  Free Sailing

Lynx    Lynx, Replica Topsail Schooner       

Sultana    Sultana, Replica Colonial Schooner 

Arcadia    Arcadia, Apogee 50, Lex Birney

Easterner     Easterner, 12-Metre, Scott Bernard, Easterner Foundation

Lacerta    Lacerta, Concordia 44      

Sail Call    Sails Call, Beneteau 47, Steve Rudiger

Mystic Wind    Mystic Wind, Cat Boat 20



                                                                  Winsome, CS 40 (Picture to come)




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