Outreach Sailing

The Annapolis Waterfront & Sailing Center is committed to getting a broad cross section of the community sailing on the Chesapeake Bay. 

Mayor’s Office and Recreation & Parks Pop-Up Sailing Camps

     Four sails took place in July and August

    Pop Up Sailing Camp 2019 8 7 2     Pop Up Sailing Camp 2019 07 31     Pop Up Sailing Camp 2019 8 7 3

 Mayor’s Office of Hispanic Community Service Outreach Sails

     Four sails in July and August

                    Outreach 1    Outreach 2    Outreach Picture 7 24 19.jpg 2 

Easterner Foundation

     Wounded Warrior Sails

                 Eastern Wounded Warrior 2019 2    Easterner Wouned Warrior 2019 4   Easterner Wounded Warrior 2019 3

Volunteer Boats 


    Arcadia    Lex Birney

 Blue Moon

 Blue Moon    Chris & Norm Poulsen

 Bull Bear Peter Kellogg

Bull & Bear     Peter Kellogg


 Easterner     Scott Bernard


Lacerta     Mark Walter


Mystic Wind

Mystic Wind     Craig Ligibel

Sail Call

Sails Call     Steve Rudiger


Spirit     Hugh and Guy Tawney     


For information contact:  Lee Tawney    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.