STEM Sailing

Teaching Math and Science through Sailing

Based on the premise that students will find math and science more interesting and less abstract if concepts are tied to the practical applications of sailing, the Annapolis Waterfront & Sailing Center in cooperation with Anne Arundel County Public Schools has developed and is implementing successful programs to teach math and science through sailing.

9th grade Anne Arundel County Public Schools Science (AACPS), Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) students participated in seven-week Project Based Learning (PBL) module sessions in the fall and spring. Students receive academic credit.

Field Trips

Stem Classroom Photo A      STEM Sailing 1


9th grade AACPS STEM students participated in field trips to the Annapolis Waterfront & Sailing Center including a tour of United States Naval Academy Hydromechanics Laboratory and Crown Sailing Center.    

Video of Hydro Lab

Teacher Academy

Teacher Academy, teaching math and science teachers how to sail is held for teachers who receive professional development credit and are required to develop curriculum based on the math and science of sailing for their classrooms.

     Teacher Academy 2 2019   Teacher Academy 2019

Summer Bridge                        

STEM Summer Bridge academic programs are held with students in the classroom in the morning and sailing in the afternoon.

  STEM Sailing 4   STEM Sailing Group Classroom   

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